Morris provides custom manufacturing and powder coating. Located in Morris...
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V-Bins, from Morris, Manitoba produces quality defined factory direct smooth wall storage...
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Biomass is the sequestered energy from the sun, or stored solar energy. When released in a...
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7,370,843 Retractable load support system
7,228,806 Biomass gasification system
7,150,449 Overhead storage system
6,647,872 Cutter for a measured length of sheet material
6,637,602 Display rack for storing and displaying articles
6,394,286 Area rug hanging display
6,302,278 Bicycle display rack
6,138,545 Wire driven cutter for carpet dispenser
6,119,880 Shelf carousel
6,109,153 Wire driven cutter for carpet dispenser
6,092,450 Rotary cutter for sheet material
5,961,064 Apparatus for longitudinally slitting sheet material
5,944,279 Apparatus for cutting and rolling sheet material
5,938,145 Wire carousel
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