MicroSuiteHomes for East of the Red

Managed by StreetLinks at Morberg House www.stbonifacestreetlinks.com

Raymond Dueck of Innovaat.com International Inc



Executive Overview

Winnipeg has a problem with affordable housing leaving many people to fend for themselves on the streets. Various groups have or are building 40 unit apartment buildings at $6 – 8 million dollars. Winnipeg needs 1,800 units to meet the demand,

This proposal presents an inexpensive option for MicroSuiteHomes constructed of re-purposed shipping containers at a cost of less than $20,000 per bedroom unit.

Under the management of StreetLinks, this facility would be staffed 24/7 by an interdisciplinary care group of counselors and …. that will... and the result...

Mr. Dueck, now semi-retired, recently turned to designing a very cost effective housing option using re-purposed sea-shipping containers to create safe, comfortable, and secure alternative housing for the under-privileged in our society. A 5 story containerized housing complex can accommodate as many as 200 living spaces on a 50' x 150' lot. When paired with a biomass thermal conversion system and an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) electric generator the combined heat and power (CHP), this project could become the most environmentally friendly zero carbon emission housing option anywhere.

The Plan

The plan is to convert used containers to safe and comfortable housing facilities. To provide maximum living space at at the lowest cost, the units would be modified in a shop such as BisonContainerHomes with doors and windows. The exterior would be finished with 6” R20 insulation and per-finished powder coated corrugated steel siding before delivery to the construction site. They would be placed professionally installed screw-pile foundations.

Container homes are fireproof and when properly insulated and partitioned can become premium accommodation. The building will have communal areas for dining and social activities.

On-site completion would include recruiting volunteer apprentices to help with painting, conduit surface wiring, plumbing and HVAC under the guidance of professionals.

The units will be configured as 1-2 bedroom, bachelor suites and 8x8 MicroSuiteHomes with shared washrooms. Each unit will be fully isolated and sound separated with double 5/8 drywall and insulation from every other units to prevent the spread of bedbugs and other pests.

Construction cost

Containers cost between $8,000 – 12,000 each with windows and doors delivered and installed. Stainless Steel prefabricated shower / washroom, about $5,000 each. Small stainless steel kitchen $1,000 each. Plumbing and electrical 50 x $10,000. Land acquisition $200,000. Total preliminary costs $2,500,000 or $12,500 per unit when configured with 200 bedroom units.

Operational needs

The group is looking for provincial funding for room and board for residents by allocating welfare and housing transfers and to provide opportunities for training and counseling with 24/7 care staff.


When the units are overlapped and staggered 16' it adds design ambiance and provides maximum capacity with a small footprint.

Containers are designed to stack 9 high when fully loaded. They can go much higher as residential accommodation units

An example of a 1 – 2 bedroom unit layout with a small balcony.

Container with shared washroom, a MicroSuiteHome and a Bachelor suite

Container configured with 5 MicroSuiteHomes. Each unit has a small fridge and microwave. All shelves are stainless steel for long term durability.

For more information contact Raymond Dueck at 204-782-2112

Bio at http://innovaat.com/about-us.html

Alternate layout at http://innovaat.com/pdf/ContainerHome2.mp4