Manufacturing has the largest powder coating facility in Ontario. Located in Aylmer...
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Vivanue, from Aylmer, Ontario produces quality defined factory direct smooth wall storage...
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Biomass is the sequestered energy from the sun, or stored solar energy. When released in a...
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About Us


Innovation Redefined International Inc operates Research and Development facilities at 1555 E Hwy #210 east of St Adolphe Manitoba

Products under development include biomass fired energy systems for and accessories for

Other products on the drawing board include waste management systems, and bakery systems.

We are always looking for product ideas and marketing partners to bring products to market.

Please contact us at for more information International Inc - Innovation Redefined - Biomass Energy System technologies Inc
Box 575, 1555 Hwy 210
St Adolphe, MB, R5A 1A2, CANADA
Innovation Redefined

Phone 204-883-2378

Fax 204-883-2869

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