Imagine Building Tranquility and Equity….


At Royal Teulon Estates


Imagine 5 communities of 8 homes each on 10 acres of virgin Manitoba forest, surrounding a 5-acre community park...

Imagine each park with a different theme…

an 1800 sq ft enclosed swimming pool… skating rink… riding stables… curling rink…picnic barbeque shelters… children's playground...

Imagine a community heated with central heat by ZeroCO2Heat ZERO carbon footprint…

Imagine the financial rewards in Phase 6

Now Selling!

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Raymond Dueck 204-782-2112

Looking West


Looking North East



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Pie shaped 80 acre lots



Imagine Phase 6

Imagine a 36 hole championship golf course just outside your back door…

Imagine 1,000 homes on 3,200 acres just 25 minutes from Winnipeg…

Each home facing the golf course or a creek...

Imagine walking to work and shopping… Hi-tech companies next door…

Imagine your investment growing exponentially….

Now selling — call 204-782-2112

For each 80 acre lot you purchase you

  • If you are deemed to be a Qualified Investor under Manitoba investment rules, you will be invited to acquire 1/80th of the voting shares of the Corporation for each lot you purchase.
  • The Management Corporation will place access and useage caveats on 70 acres 
  • You have unfettered access to your designated 7 acres 
  • Any profits the Corporation has on the rentals or use of the 70 acres or portions thereof will benefit you through Corporation earnings and dividends as declared by the shareholders
  • The Corporation, on shareholder approval, may build facilities including a golf course for the benefit of its shareholders
  • If in the future, further subdivision is allowed you will have the opportunity to sell your shares to the highest bidder or continue to participate in the profits of the Corporation


Draft Documents


Declaration of Easement - Dueck.pdf

Lease - Teulon - Revised.pdf



Raymond Dueck 204-782-2112